Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Changes in dates and new Turkish Cricket site up (and almost running)

The dates for our first match have been changed thanks to the American Gridion lot taking over the Bilkent pitch for the weekend of April 24-25.

So now we are playing on Sunday, May 2, against the Ankara Stars. Can we start the season with a win? My money says yes.

In the meantime, we have almost launched the new Turkish Cricket website and forum. Check out the main site and the forum. Don't forget to sign up to the forum and vote in the poll of who will win League B this season. You know who to vote for.

Monday, 22 March 2010

2010 season

The Turkish cricket season gets underway in April with the Red Lions scheduled to play a new team from Istanbul - the Solid 11 - on Saturday April 24. The 20/20 game shall be played at Bilkent Oval. Starting time 10 am.

You can check out the Solid 11 website here

Monday, 31 August 2009

Cricinfo on Turkey

I've just been forwarded an article on Turkish cricket on a blog at cricinfo. Enjoy.

Of the numerous non-Test countries to have debuted in international cricket in recent years, there have arguably been as few as unheralded as Turkey,

Next week's European Division Five tournament in Corfu, Greece will be the country's first foray onto the global stage, one of the benefits of Turkey's acceptance as an Affiliate member of International Cricket Council last year

And unlike fellow newcomers, Bulgaria and Estonia, who have competed in various Twenty20 and Sixes tournaments around Europe, for Turkey it will be a total step into the unknown.

The turf wickets on Corfu may take some adjusting to from the Flicx surface of the wickets at Bilkent University in Ankara, the capital where five of the Turkish league's six teams are based.

To continue reading the article, and enjoy the criticism of the comments below it. Click here

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Red Lions in the Turkish squad

The Turkish squad

Three Red Lions players were today handed their caps to play for Turkey in the ECC Group 5 championship to be played in Corfu, Greece, in September. Congrats to Colin Sutcliffe, Steve Bryant and (I know this sounds silly for mentioning myself... but I'm bloody excited) Chris Wade.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Red Lions and Turkish cricket in the papers

Below is a photo of the Haber Turk newspaper from last week. Click on the photo for a bigger shot. Note our keeper Lloyd Freeman at the non-strikers end. I'll put up a translation of the piece when I get a chance.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Red Lion Account

Today's match saw the start of us charging our players 5 lira a game with the aim of building up a kitty to buy some kit. For the record, today I collected 50.75 lira.

After a few games hopefully we will be able to buy some clothing for the team and afterwards we will be looking at bats etc.

The rain in July falls mainly on Bilkent oval (but only when the Red Lions are batting)

In retrospect it was a bad idea to bat first today as the Red Lions went down to a "Turkish Invitation XI" with the invites easily chasing the Red Lion score of 93 off 20 overs.

With dark clouds moving in even before play started, things started badly for the Red Lions when Mick the Roofer was run out attempting to take a sneaky single that was never on. It didn't much better as Troy was out a few balls later even though he looked like he could have compiled a decent innings.

Batting throughout was pretty crappy, but at least some of the blame can be put on the passing shower, that was played through but meant that the ball was skidding through and made life very difficult for the batsman.

The Indian Embassy contingent all managed to look good for a few balls but ultimately they failed to get many runs.

Neil the roofer gave the Red Lion's some hope with a couple of lovely shots but was bowled first ball after the drinks break.

The sun was out by this stage and the wicket was playing a bit truer but things still looked ominous. With nine wickets down Sid the Roofer joined Steve Bryant at the wicket and together they did something that the rest couldn't manage -- stay in the middle.

Together the pair not only stayed out there but both scored some lovely boundaries.

All up though 93 was never going to be an easy target to defend.

The "Invitation XI" came out and started taking easy singles before Jonathon Clarke ripped into the attack, scoring 48 before he was caught behind by Lloyd Freeman. In was an important wicket but the damage had been done and the "Invitation XI" reached the target of 94 runs with eight wickets and an enormous eight-odd overs to spare.

It was a good day though and it was also good to see that the nets have finally been set up. In the next few weeks we hope to get a lot of time in the nets and if anyone is interested in some after work practice than please send us an e-mail at redlioncricket AT gmail.com

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A fine victory for the Red Lions

Who would have guessed it? After a fairly comprehensive loss a couple of weeks ago the Red Lions on Saturday put on a breathtaking performance to beat the Ankara Tigers by a massive nine wickets.

After winning the toss the Red Lions decided to send the Tigers in to bat, not because the pitch was going to get better as the day went on but purely because fielding in the morning would be a lot less strenuous than under the blazing midday sun.

Speaking of the pitch, and the ground. One can only say it was the best I've seen for a long long time. The groundsman had not only mowed the ground providing for a nice and fast outfield, he did so in concentric circles to give the field a lovely picturesque look. Not only that he had the roller out on the pitch itself which certainly meant the ball bounced a lot higher than usual. A few of us congratulated the groundsman for his great work and it was great to see how proud he was of his work and he was clearly very proud when a few of us offered our personal thanks for his efforts.

Onto the field and the Red Lions started off wonderfully. Some nice quick bowling from the likes of Tamir keep the Tigers scoring the odd single here and there but not much. Wickets started to come our way, including a couple of lovely balls that sent the wickets flying.

The Tigers tail wagged a bit with the last couple of batsmen hitting a few fours but in the end they were all out for 104. That total could have been quite a bit higher if it wasn't for a great day in the field for the Red Lions, with keeper Lloyd Freeman especially deserving a mention, taking a catch off Steve Bryant's bowling. One other person to mention must be Avichal Sharma who scared a few leg side pigeons before bowling two great balls that clean bowled the batsmen.

Another shout-out to Cagaltay who stepped up when two of the Red Lions failed to show up. Cagaltay had never played cricket before, had no idea of the rules but still helped out the Red Lions in the field. Thanks mate.

Freeman and Sohail opened the batting for the Red Lions and immediately were well above the required run rate before Freeman fell being caught at short cover.

Liam O'Toole then went to the crease and well, the rest of might as well have opened the beers on the spot as O'Toole and Sohail slaughtered the attack. Fours and sixes started to come regularly before O'Toole finished things off with more than 10 overs to spare with a six over deep square leg. The Red Lions finished at 109 for 1. A very nice result.

Sohail deservedly won the man of the match award for his half century and the result means the Red Lions finished top of the League B, meaning they have qualified for the final in October when they will take on the winner of League A.

All up, a great day of cricket (even if most of the Red Lions didn't get a chance to bat) :)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Red Lions go down

It wasn't the best start to the season as the Red Lions went down by seven wickets to Friends United on May 2.

I haven't received a copy of the score sheet yet and am still waiting for some photos.

I can point out that in a pretty dismal 74 all out, Ben Holland top scored with 13.

Anyway, here is the team and a prospective member of the Red Lions. Click on the images to see them enlarged.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

It's all morning matches for the Red Lions

There have been some slight changes to the domestic programme. Find below the info passed on to me from the TCB.

We hare happy to announce our domestic cricket program of 2009. In the first stage we will organize league matches. The top two teams from these leagues will participate in Republic Cup in October 2009.

Format of Matches:
League A: 30 over format (Will be played with red cricket ball, all teams are expected to have white kit or at least white uppers)

League B: 20 over format (Will be played with white cricket ball, all teams are expected to be in color kit)

In case of rain, each team will be awarded one point.

League A (Bilkent, METU and Desi of Istanbul)
League B (Ankara Stars, Ankara Tigers, Friends United, Red Lions)

Match Times:
League A: Matches will begin at 11:00 am and the teams are expected to be on the ground at 10:30 am.
League B: Morning matches will begin at 10:00 am and the teams are expected to be on the ground at 9:30 am. The afternoon matches will begin at 14:00 pm and the teams are expected to be on the ground at 13:30 pm.

Venue: All matches will be played on Bilkent University football ground.

League Fixtures 2009

2nd May
Ankara Tigers vs Red Lions

6 June
Friends United vs Red Lions

7 June
Red Lions vs Ankara Stars

Thursday, 16 April 2009

2009 summer schedule

The summer schedule is up for domestic cricket in Ankara. Basically, we Red Lions will be playing three matches, with a possible forth if we win League B. Match dates are as follows. The matches will be 20/20.

Sat. 2 May
Ankara Tigers v Red Lions

Sat. 6 June
Tomer XI v Red Lions

Sun. 7 June
Red Lions v Ankara Stars

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Red Lions bottle it

The Ankara Allstars pulled off a great victory seven run victory over the Red Lions on Sunday and in the process handing victory in the Angora Cup to the Tomer XI.

The Red Lions started well in the field reducing the Allstars to 89 all out with all the bowlers getting amongst the wickets. 

After Saturday's victory over the Tomer XI, the Red Lions were confident they could reach the 90 runs required for victory and with it, the Angora Cup. 

After a few steady overs though the Red Lions collapsed. Overconfidence or perhaps laziness? Although a few of the earlier batsmen reported that the ball appeared to be swinging. 

All seemed lost when the Lions were nine wickets down and still not much past 60 runs, but N. Cookson and C. Sutcliffe batted brilliantly to offer hope to the cheering crowd. It wasn't to be though and the Ankara Allstars won what was a tense encounter.

With all three teams finishing the tournament with one win apiece it came down to some sort of complicated run rate calculation to determine that it was Tomer XI who took away the Angora Cup. 

Congratulations to Tomer and a big thanks to all the umpires, scorers and umpires.  

Pictures coming soon.

* Please note that some of these figures don't add up, perhaps some of the extras were not recorded.

Gwillam coming in from the Car Park end.

Niranjan hits out.

Gwillam on strike.

Unnamed scorer with the Angora Cup. The other trophy is the Ankara Cup that was being played for by three other teams.

For some of the crowd the tension was too great.

The organisers' decision not to charge for entrance resulted in a bumper crowd. 

Cookson - the face of determination.

Not too many smiling faces on the Red Lions post match. 

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Stop the presses!

The Red Lions were triumphant on Saturday morning winning a tight match against the Tomer XI to notch up their first win in ... well... a damn long time.

With Captain Douglass-Todd on holiday it was down to Wade to sort of lead a rag-tag army of people of whom most were complete newcomers to cricket in the capital.

Batting first the Red Lions posted 113 for seven in their 20 allotted overs, O'Toole top scoring with 24, with Wade and Jay (I need some last names please) scoring 10 a piece not out at the end of the innings.

On to the bowling and it was Ben Byron who started off a great innings in the field with a magnificent catch that Cookson later said he had given up any hope that it might be caught. There was also one hell of a brilliant run out by Niranjan. Some great bowling from Jay, Gwillam, Satish and Deva set up the Red lions for one hell of a final few overs.

Tension was high as the Tomer XI needed only 17 from 18 bowls towards the end but it was their failure to keep wickets intact that sealed their fate, that and the fact that they gave away 16 more extras than the Red Lions' bowlers.

O'Toole came on for his first over in the 19th over and three balls later the match was wrapped up.

Scoreboard (please note this may be slightly wrong due to difficulty in reading the scoresheets):
Red Lions batting first.

O'Toole hits one down the leg side. 

Friedman saved the Red Lions many a run with some great keeping.

Gwillam comes in.

A big shout out to the scorers.

Cookson sends down another dot ball.

A relieved acting Captain Wade at the end of the match.

Nothing like a victory to get the smiles going.

The Red Lions pose post victory.

Altogether now.

O'Toole accepts his man of the match award.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Report on Turkey joining the ICC

Turkey joins the cricketing world
Today's Zaman: July 9, 2008

Turkey has been accepted into the world cricket family after being voted in on July 4 as an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) at the ICC Annual Conference 2008 held in Dubai.

The acceptance of Turkey into the ICC means that Turkish national teams will now be able to take part in European competitions and will now receive funding and support from the ICC to help continue to develop and grow the game. After years of hard graft, news of Turkey being accepted brought a smile to the face of Syed Mahmud, one of the prime movers in getting cricket in Turkey off the ground. "This news brings a great feeling of joy and accomplishment to all of us who have worked so hard," Mahmud said.

"The real challenge now is to generate local interest in the game," Mahmud stated. "It is important that we establish a proper cricket academy in Turkey. The support of the Turkish government, local sponsors and the media is vital to develop and promote the game further." Along with Turkey, Bulgaria and Estonia were also voted in as affiliate members, taking the ICC's total member count to 104.

"Cricket in Bulgaria, Estonia and Turkey has developed well over a number of years. It is therefore very pleasing that the ICC has accepted their applications and they now join the ICC family," ICC Regional Development Manager Richard Holdsworth said. "ICC affiliate membership will bring many opportunities for cricket to develop further in these countries," Holdsworth added.

Cricket in Turkey was recognized by the Turkish government in December 2006 when it became a member of Turkey's "Federation of Developing Sports.” In order to promote and develop the game of cricket, the Turkish Cricket Board was formed under this federation.

Mahmud said now that affiliate membership has been achieved, one of the main priorities is to get cricket courses started at the university level.

"Lack of funding has prevented us from doing so in the past. Now with the additional funding from the ICC, our first goal is to start these courses in 2009," Mahmud said.

Mahmud noted that cricket in Turkey until now has been a difficult affair and without the help of Professor Abdullah Atalar, vice rector of Bilkent University, as well as Dr. Hayri Özcan, director of sports at Bilkent University, cricket in Turkey may never have gotten off the ground.

There are still obstacles to overcome, Mahmud admitted; sponsors for the first-ever team to represent Turkey must be found and a proper academy to develop younger players must be established.

As for the future, Mahmud is confident that now that the ICC is a member of the International Olympic Committee there is every chance that Turkey could be represented at an Olympics in cricket in 10 years time.

Original link:

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Turkey joins the ICC



Lord’s Cricket Ground, 4 July 2008

Europe expands to 30 members, as Guernsey promoted to Associate and Bulgaria, Estonia and Turkey join the ICC family

Guernsey became the 34th country to be granted Associate Membership at the ICC Annual Conference held this week at the ICC headquarters in Dubai. A further three countries from the Europe region, Bulgaria, Estonia and Turkey, were granted Affiliate Membership, taking the ICC’s total member count to 104.

Europe now has 30 members plus Full Member England. This number is made up of 12 Associates including Ireland, the Netherlands and Scotland and 18 Affiliates.

The decision to promote Guernsey to Associate status comes only three year’s after it was granted Affiliate Membership in 2005. In this time cricket on the island has gone from strength to strength both on and off the field.

Of particular note is the success of the national youth sides, which emphasise the quality of the youth development programme that the Guernsey Cricket Board (GCB) has put in place. In 2007 Guernsey won the ICC European U/15 Division 2 Championship beating nine other European Associate and Affiliate Members, and finished second and third in the European U/19 Division 2 and U/23 Division 2 respectively.

Following on from this success, this year for the first time, Guernsey and its Channel Island counterpart Jersey will participate in the Division 1 Championship at U/17 and U/15 levels against Europe’s top Associates Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Scotland.

In addition, off the field of play, the GCB was selected to host this year’s ICC European Division 2 Championship, after it hosted an extremely successful U/23 Division 2 tournament in 2007.

Such achievements culminated in a successful inspection visit from the ICC in May when ICC Global Development Manager Matthew Kennedy and Associate Director Samir Inamder assessed Guernsey’s suitability for promotion to Associate Membership. The GCB impressed with its excellent facilities, strong development programme and high level of cricket, and this was reported back to the voting Members of the ICC at this week’s annual conference.

For Guernsey the promotion means that local cricket will receive a huge cash injection from ICC - which is already earmarked for investment back into the development of the sport - and the potential for the island to qualify for global international tournaments, including the ICC World Cricket League.

Commenting on the news ICC Regional Development Manager, Richard Holdsworth said “Cricket is a well established sport in Guernsey and it is fitting that after only three years of ICC Affiliate Membership that the country has been promoted to an Associate Member.

“The infrastructure on the island has developed well in recent years with good support of local sponsors and government organisations. Their excellent facilities including grass pitches and a new indoor cricket centre will help them to further develop at International level."

He added, “This is a credit to the hard work of the Guernsey Cricket Board and in particular it’s Chairman David Piesing. Guernsey Cricket should be very proud of itself.”

Elsewhere, Bulgaria, Estonia and Turkey were the only countries to apply for Affiliate Membership this year and all three applications were successful.

The Bulgarian Cricket Federation (BCF) was founded in 2002 when it became recognised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Sport as one of its ‘new’ sports. With the aim of developing the game throughout the country the BCF formed a development programme which puts youth development as its main priority.

Based at Bulgaria’s National Sports Academy in capital city Sofia the BCF has six member clubs which compete in an annual league playing on some of Bulgaria’s five grounds. It also has a national team and a development program for women’s cricket.

The BCF has received support from ICC Europe since 2002 with the Bulgarian national team participating in the 2004 European Representatives Championship held in Slovenia.

The Estonian Cricket Association (ECA) was set up in 2001 by a small group of cricket enthusiasts and at the time had very little to its name. However over the past seven years it has developed and now has over 80 playing members, a figure which continues to grow and over 65 teams have visited from over 10 different countries.

Four domestic teams play in a national league and it also has a strong national team which is aspiring to compete in the ICC European Division 4 Championship in 2009. As part of its development program the ECA runs a winter coaching programme and has junior cricket at the top of its agenda with plans to run summer schools and Kwik Cricket tournaments.

Cricket in Turkey was recognised by the Turkish government in December 2006 when it became a member of Turkey’s “Federation of Developing Sports”. In order to promote and develop the game of cricket, the Turkish Cricket Board (TCB) was formed under this Federation.

The TCB has a national senior team which has its sights set on next year’s ICC European Division 4 Championship. There are seven domestic teams, four of which are university based and play in two main tournaments each year.

All three countries will now receive funding and support from ICC to help them to continue to develop and grow the game.

Commenting on the successful applications, ICC Regional Development Manager Richard Holdsworth said, “Cricket in Bulgaria, Estonia and Turkey has developed well over a number of years. It is therefore very pleasing that ICC has accepted their applications and they now join the ICC family.”

He added, “ICC Affiliate Membership will bring many opportunities for cricket to develop further in these countries. In addition ICC now being recognised as a full member of the International Olympic Committee will hopefully strengthen the culture of the sport in these new member countries.”

New Associate Guernsey’s next challenge will be to take on Europe’s best at the ICC European U17 Division 1 Championship in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For live score updates and all the action from the ICC European Championships please visit the tournament pages of the ICC Europe website: http://www.icc-europe.org/ECC/DATABASE/TOURNAMENTS/currentyear.shtml

Monday, 19 May 2008

Red Lions v Ankara All Stars

Ankara four-team 20/20 tournament May 17/18 2008 at Bilkent University.
Third/fourth playoff: Red Lions lost by five wickets.

G. Rogers steams in

C. Wade sends the ball in from the outfield.

Leftie S. O'Connor bowling.

Wade, O'Connor and Rogers celebrate a catch taken by Wade on the boundry.

The high rise apartment blocks of Bilkent. Rogers bowling.

M. Bentley gets airbourne... sort of.

S. Bryant comes in. T. Pearce in the foreground

Pearce bowls his first ball in more than 10 years.

C. Sutcliffe charges in.

Wade's action looks a lot better than the actual stuff he sends down.

R. Miller stretches to field a ball.

The Red Lions and Ankara All Stars post match

Arja hands the Man of the match medal

Click on the score sheets for larger version.

Red Lions v Desi of Istanbul

Ankara four-team 20/20 tournament May 17/18 2008 at Bilkent University.
1st match: Red Lions lost by 64 runs to Desi Of Istanbul in preliminary round.

Captain Ian Douglas-Todd caught on camera just as he is bowled.

Newcomer Gareth Rogers on his way to top scoring for the Red Lions.

The Red Lions and Desi post match.

Douglas-Todd hands man of the match award to Nabil who scored a rapid fire 82 to effectively put the Red Lions out of the match.